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Voters in the Anaheim-based Savanna School District passed a $28.75 million bond measure Tuesday to fund campus renovation. matching funds for campus renovation projects across California, district officials said. Savanna was only.

Sep 15, 2016. 8 ballot along with local, district specific school bond measures.Proposition 51. Proposition 55 would extend the tax on higher-income California residents that was approved by voters in 2012 as a temporary increase with most of the money going to K-12 schools and community colleges. Proposition 58.

Californians will soon decide on an exciting ballot-measure bond that will provide $4 billion of desperately needed funds for parks, open space, natural resources and water infrastructure throughout our state. Senate Bill 5, the Drought, Water,

Oct 3, 2016. Time to cram: California's 17 ballot measure propositions explained. There's a lot on the ballot, including 17 statewide ballot measures certified by the California Secretary of State's Office. You'll be. Proposition 53 requires voter approval for any project paid for with $2 billion or more in revenue bonds.

The latest Public Policy Institute of California poll found a majority of registered voters support Proposition 1. The poll released Oct. 22 found the bond measure drew support from 56 percent of likely voters, while 32 percent of those.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) General FAQs. What does it mean when a bond or note is tax-exempt? What does it mean when a bond or note is taxable?

The Glendora and La Canada unified school districts are both asking voters to approve school-improvement bond measures — $98 million under Measure GG in Glendora and $149 million under Measure LCF in La Canada. Those.

School trustees, led by the California School Boards Association, would prefer voters don’t figure that out. It’s so cynical. Keep voters in the dark and they’re more likely to approve the bond measures. These are the people in charge of our.

Proposition 51 November 8, 2016 School Bonds. Funding for K-12 School and Community College Facilities. Initiative Statutory Amendment. A.

. biggest concentration of bonds hanging in the balance is in California, which accounts for nearly 60 percent of the total. Nationwide, the state, school and local government bond measures, 682 in total, would fund building and.

Nov 7, 2016. There are 15 county transportation sales tax measures before California voters next week. Voters will also weigh in on transportation bond measures (Oakland and BART) and a property tax measure (Oakland-based AC Transit) for maintenance and operations. Los Angeles County's Measure M.

which lowered the percentage of votes needed for most school bond measures from two-thirds to 55 percent, passage rates have gone up dramatically. The rate of approval for school and college bonds in California before 2000 was.

Meetings are 6:30 p.m. at the CUSD Admin Offices 6225 El Camino Real, Carlsbad, CA, 92009, unless otherwise noted. DATE, AGENDA/MINUTES/ PRESENTATIONS. 01/31/17, Agenda – Minutes. 05/3/17, Agenda – Minutes. 07/ 26/17 – 4:00pm, Agenda. 11/29/17, Agenda. CUPCCAA Registration Form. CUPCCAA.

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(2) Under existing law, various measures have been approved by the voters to provide funds for water supply and protection facilities and programs.

Nov 4, 2016. BOND MEASURES PLENTIFUL IN CALIFORNIA. California ballots are bursting with 195 bond measures totaling $41.7 billion, including the biggest nationwide — $9 billion of state general obligation debt to finance new construction and modernization for K-12 and charter schools and community colleges.

Democrats say voters are likely to reject the existing ballot measure if it remains. to divert water from the Northern California delta to farms and residents in the south. The Legislature passed the current water bond in 2009 but has.

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SACRAMENTO – A Senate panel Tuesday advanced one of the three competing proposals for water bond measures, but lawmakers acknowledged that more negotiations will be required to reach a consensus on what to put before voters.

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Twenty counties in California featured a total of 62 ballot measures for local voters on November 7, 2017. Los Angeles County’s ballot featured the highest number.

Ballot Measures. There are two ways a measure can be placed on the ballot. The Legislature has the ability to place constitutional amendments, bond measures, and.

March 29, 2017. TO: CLA MEMBERS/ SYSTEMS/ NETWORK CONTACTS. FROM: Mike Dillon and Christina DiCaro, CLA Lobbyists. RE: News From the Capitol. SENATOR DODD'S MEASURE TO LOWER VOTE THRESHOLD FOR LIBRARY BONDS PASSES FIRST COMMITTEE. Former Senator Lois Wolk attends hearing.

View information about the California Qualified Statewide Ballot Measures here.

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Official Voter Information Guide, November 8, 2016, California General Election.

California’s aging water infrastructure and collection. Lawmakers barreled through deadlines as they sought to craft a bond measure that could win broad support and replace a previous bond measure, passed in 2009, that most came.

Jennifer Loving, Executive Director of Destination Home, recently wrote a powerful Op-Ed in the San Francisco Chronicle, "Silicon Valley Voters Asked to OK Housing Bond for Homeless", discussing the opportunity the Bay Area has this November to vote Yes on affordable housing measures in Santa Clara, Share.

Sep 13, 2016. The City of Oakland has $2.5 billion in unfunded capital needs, including a $443 million paving backlog. Libraries and parks need maintenance and upgrades, as do fire stations. And the city's shortage of affordable housing is displacing long- term residents. But Measure KK, on the ballot in Oakland this.

The 361 page California Policy Center’s study on school construction funding recommends: “Provide adequate and effective oversight and accountability for bond measures. Enable voters to make a reasonably informed decision on.

During the past two months at the Greenfield Union School District Board meetings, several community members had questions and concerns how the money was disbursed for Measure L. The Board of Trustees at their April 10, 2014 meeting approved Resolution 891 and Committee By-Laws. The purpose of their approval.

Ballot Measures. 2018 California Ballot Measures. June 8, 2010, California, Proposition 16: Imposes New Two-Thirds Voter Approval Requirement For Local Public Electricity Providers. Initiative. June 3, 2014, California, Proposition 41: Veterans Housing and Homeless Prevention Bond Act of 2014, Passed. Nov.

The study is a part of the district’s continued efforts to look at the possibility of putting forth a bond measure to fund district facilities. At a meeting in August, a representative from Isom Advisors, an company that serves California.

Dean Cortopassi makes no apologies for it: He’s angry about government debt. And his anger explains why he was.

Jul 10, 2017. In 1978, California voters continued that trend by passing Proposition 13. Today, school boards cannot levy property taxes. They can, however, ask voters to support local funding for schools through parcel taxes and bond measures. Voters can support local funding for schools through parcel taxes and.

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Until four decades ago, school districts could ask local voters for an increase in property taxes to support their local schools and pass such measures by a majority vote. Proposition 13 constrained this ability in 1978. Today, school districts have three widely used options for requesting support from local taxpayers: elections.

Opinion: State Must Fulfill Voter Mandate to Fund School Construction. As a follow up to our Sell Bonds Press Conference, please see an opinion piece written by former Assemblywoman Joan Buchanan and Lisa Gonzales, President of the Association for California School Administrators for the Bay Area News Group.

This bill would enact the California Drought, Water, Parks, Climate, Coastal Protection, and Outdoor Access For All Act of 2018, which, if approved by the voters.

. biggest concentration of bonds hanging in the balance is in California, which accounts for nearly 60 percent of the total. Nationwide, the state, school and local government bond measures, 682 in total, would fund building and.

Gov. Jerry Brown and legislative leaders agreed late Monday to a $4-billion bond aimed at the 2018 ballot that would fund low-income ho.

. biggest concentration of bonds hanging in the balance is in California, which accounts for nearly 60 percent of the total. Nationwide, the state, school and local government bond measures, 682 in total, would fund building and.

California unions, accustomed to getting their way in the Capitol, lost some ground last year when Gov. Jerry Brown pushed through the Legislature a series of public.

Nov 26, 2017. The legislature placed a $4.1 billion water bond on the ballot in June while a privately funded initiative hopes to qualify an $8.9 billion water bond for the November ballot. The state measure would also fund parks and trails.

But CIRM also has been dogged with controversy since California voters in 2004.

Nov 10, 2017. The pay-for-play bond measures are like Christmas trees with ornaments that often clash. Sierra Club California's volunteer leaders and staff have analyzed the proposed November 2018 water bond measure. A few leaders and staff have discussed the measure with its lead architect. The conclusion: The.

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Jan 12, 2017. New funding eyed for California's stem cell agency. It was awarded $3 billion in state bond revenue for start-up expenses and ongoing operations. The initial focus was on. But supporters of the agency have made it known that they're considering whether to put a measure on the ballot in 2018.